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Khan, Anam

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Connor O’Grady – posts

Connor O’Grady is a graduate student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. As a member of the Interactive Systems cluster, particular interests lie in the explorations of responsive environments activated through our emotional and cognitive behaviours. This is being investigated in relation to urban public spaces, locations of high intensity and variability of interaction between people and their built surroundings. Preliminary studies can be found on his website.

Connor is also Waterloo Coordinator and F_RMlab Liaison for the ACADIA 2013 Adaptive Architecture Conference. For more information about this event, visit: http://2013.acadia.org/home.html

O’Grady, Connor

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Misami Azad, Farzin

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Henry Murdock – posts

Henry Murdock is part of the Smart Materials cluster at F_RMlab, with interests in material science and fabrication and their connection to the technology at the given time. Focusing on timber innovation in construction methods, Henry is proposing mid-rise urban housing developments for his M. Arch thesis. He is addressing off site fabrication and assembly with the intent of reducing material waste and cost at the design and construction phase through building information modeling.

Murdock, Henry

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Lipson, Jack

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Read, Jake

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Coleman, James

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Tam, Mark

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May Wu – posts

As a Waterloo Architecture grad student at F_RMlab, May Wu carries out her thesis research under the interactive Architecture cluster. Her research looks at new ways to connect people with their surrounding environments in order to make our neighbourhoods more livable and enjoyable. With a site focus in the downtown core of Toronto, May is keen to examine the city’s PATH system in depth and explore how it can be better connected with surface public spaces. Her research then will proceed in designing a series of integrated transitional spaces to link the two opposite realms currently separated by their drastic differences.

May strongly believes in design through making. As a designer, she has always enjoyed working with her hands on a variety of materials including wood, paper and textiles. With the aid of digital fabrication and design tools, May is hoping to advance her craft in making and to produce iterations of prototypes in support of her thesis research.

Wu, May

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Ho, Miriam

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Petra Bogias – posts

Petra Bogias is a graduate student at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. As part of the Smart Materials cluster, Petra’s research interests include explorations in regenerative materials, digital fabrication and synthetic biology. Particularly rooted in hybrids of machine and organism, her thesis explores algae cultivation and the creation of architectural materials which act as building-integrated bioreactors.

Bogias, Petra

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Gauchan, Rakshya

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Vasanthakumar, Saeran

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Yang, Sean

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Shahi, Sheida

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